Aku dan Diriku!!!!!

Kini aku dan lagu menjadi aku dan diriku........

Info Baru...

Salam buat semua..keje dah settle cuma x print je lagi jap g maw pg Celcom hntr dokumen tp aku amat malas huhuhu...gler malas setelah mendapat satu info buat aku rasa huhuh..cedihnyer..info nie aku dapat dr member fp ayie. tq ayie utk info nie..hurm..aku malas nak taep pepanjang tp kowang tgk sdri apa yang aku dapat..skang nie aku dalam di lema ..huhu.........


Contact: Name: Mr. Ron Kass
Position: CEO
Address: 39/1 Shderot Chen
Tel Aviv
ISRAEL, 64166
Telephone: 054-4930650
Email: admin@pidgintech.com
WEB site: www.pidgintech.com

Established: 2004
Ownership: Private

Core business

Developing and operating innovative technologies and services for
the social web and web communities.

Employees: 5
Main Markets: Bloggers, User Generated Content (UGC) Segments, Internet Users.


PIDGIN TECHNOLOGIES LTD. was formed in June 2004 and is a
privately held company. PIDGIN TECHNOLOGIES is focused on
developing and operating innovative technologies and services for
the social web and web communities.

Among the company's products are:
* Klostu - a social network platform and unified identity system
in development, targeting the vast world of internet forums and
message boards.
* BoardTracker - a forum discussion search engine and an
essential tool to find valuable information among the billions of
forum posts on the boardscape. BoardTracker is used for search in
the 'traditional' way but also for 'persistent search' which
means defining keywords to track for such purposes as
sales/marketing and brand monitoring.
* Fotopages - a photo sharing and blogging platforms on the web,
serving many millions of photos created by amateur and
professional photographers and bloggers from around the world.
* Forumeter - a service showcasing the most popular videos and
news items each day on the boardscape. Popularity is determined
by the number of forum discussions about an item and links to the
original discussions are provided so viewers can easily join the
conversation on the relevant forums.
* ServerMojo - a server monitoring and alerts service and an
essential tool for any sysadmin or site owner. With both free and
premium options, users can define monitor intervals and types,
choose to be alerted by email, IM or SMS and are provided with
charts showing server uptimes and access speeds over time.
* Pidgin Monitoring System - a server health monitoring software
which is installed on servers to collect various data (load,
traffic, cpu and memory usage etc) and provide charts for all
your servers in a central location, giving you an easy overview
of all your systems. PMS is currently used internally on
PidginTech servers and with a select group of beta testers.

:- pastinyer aku mmg syg kan fp aku nie ..skang nie aku tpaksa cari jln laen utk bpindah huhuh...my luvly bro bler nak beli domain utk dinda yang tsyg ni...


ala, pindah flickr la ieba. tu pun ok gak ape.
marilah kita sama2 ban itu fp. :p


baek..akan dpertimbangkan hehhe


sayer pun mau domain gak... ngeeee....

btw, banyak aja alternative fotopages yang boleh dipilih...


thanks for the info..moralnya,produk yahudi ni ada kat merata,nk taknak jer...


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